ProAV Lifting Systems

ProAV Lifting Systems

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With high-quality TV lift systems by Flatlift you are in control. At the push of a button, you can hide or show your audio and video equipment – fast and without a sound. Perfectly integrated in furniture, partition walls or ceilings, your flat screens, monitors, or projectors remain hidden until they are needed. Flatlift, manufacturer of audio and video integration components, enables you to implement demanding and representative room concepts

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ProAV Lifting Systems

Pop-up TV lifts can be used to lift up to 90” televisions from an almost endless number of applications.

Drop down TV lifts are the perfect solution when you just don’t have room for a TV cabinet and want to add that extra wow factor to your room.

Specialty lifts are the newest addition to Nexus 21’s extensive lift line up. These lifts allow you to conceal much more than TVs.

Future Automation produces a vast range of TV Lifts, ranging from a horizontal TV Lift that conceal a screen in a wall sideays, to the classic Plasma Lift mechanism which has a beautifully designed drop and roll lid to elegantly conceal and reveal the screen within a cabinet.