ProAV Multiroom Video Distribution

Multiroom Video Distribution

Multiroom Video Distribution


Nothing is better than watching a movie in a controlled home theater and having the ability to finish that movie in any room of your home, right where you left off.

As the family settles in one of your kids presses WATCH MOVIE on your touch panel and a sequence of events begins: your projection screen lowers, the lights dim, in-floor path lighting illuminates, drapes close, and the movie begins. Unfortunately there isn’t a button to transport the brownies you left in the kitchen. Not yet, anyway!


PROAV whole home distributed video gives your family the ability to watch the same movie or other video content in any room throughout your home. Your system consolidates all related equipment in to one central location along with various source devices such as satellite receivers and Blu-ray players. The result is a clutter free home. And, if you’re watching the same movie, don’t worry your system with SmartScale will ensure each image on each display is as good as it can be.

Distributed video is particularly convenient when the kids’ friends have stopped by in the midst of a movie night. Suddenly it is not cool to be seen hanging out with the parents, so they scatter to their rooms where they continue to watch the movie, picking up right where they left off. Now this is modern luxury.