ProAV Networking at Home

Home Networking

Home Networking

dLAN® Powerline Internet Anywhere

The simple home network via the power line. The dLAN Powerline Internet Anywhere kit enables you to Connect your PC, consumer electronics and other network-compatible devices to the Internet easily. With ProAV dLAN networking solutions, there is no need to run CAT cables for your network! Use your already existing power sockets to distribute wired network in your home.

dLAN® Wi-Fi Anywhere

Finally, Wi-Fi in any room. The best Wi-Fi for home. Ideal for smartphones, tablets and laptops - goes through walls and ceilings without any signal loss.

dLAN® TV SAT - Satellite TV Anywhere

Satellite TV in any room—without antenna cables! Starting package with twin tuner for one television with two TV streams.Easy installation—no drilling, no mess. With SAT>IP standard: satellite TV made easy for smartphone and tablet.