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Private Home Theatres

Private Home Theatres

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Designing a home theater that not only looks beautiful but performs correctly can be daunting. To put it simply, people often do not know how complicated the process is. From risers, to lighting, sightlines and everywhere in between, ProAV experts guides clients through the process.

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Together with some of the industry's most talented designers, acoustical engineers and artists, we have a team that has devoted themselves to the craft of Private Home Theatre Design.

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We want to partner with you, earn your trust and create your vision. We do this through our Design Service Program. Through this process, our design team works with you to understand exactly what your vision is for the room and then create Preliminary Drawings of your home theater to ensure the best functionality of the space. Once the performance of the room is solidified, 3D Renderings are created to show exactly how the room will look.

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ProAV is only interested in creating the best home theater for you. That is why our Design Service Program is credited back if you move forward with ProAV's Seating or Acoustic treatment.