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Let us take you on a guided tour through a PROAV home. It will captivate you – from the entrance hall, through the rooms and into the garden as it outlines a living image of the unlimited possibilities offered by our home automation. Simply pressing a button, opening a door or entering a room is enough to operate electrical appliances and systems. PROAV takes care of everything for you, according to your wishes and lifestyle, all for your living enjoyment.

When you choose PROAV you are not just choosing comfort, but flexibility and ease of use as well. Not to mention reliability, durability, style and elegance. And endless possibilities.

With PROAV you can easily control everything in your home, room-by-room, using our ultra-cool touch screens and remotes, or anytime, anywhere from your favourite smart device.


Luxury Homes, Luxury you never thought possible

Waking up in an automated controlled home allows you to begin your day with an experience that elevates your family to a whole new level of comfort and convenience.

Your touch panel enables the blinds and drapes in all of your bedrooms to open as the interior lights fade up slowly. Your children listen to their favourite music from each of their custom playlists; while you and your spouse watch your favourite morning news. Meanwhile, activated by motion sensors, the bathroom lights come on when you enter. And finally, at the touch of a button on your wall-mounted touch panel, energizing music from your satellite radio fills the shower washing away any lingering drowsiness.

Downstairs your spouse has already opened all of the window treatments, turned on lights in appropriate rooms, and prompted the lawn sprinklers to water the lawn and landscape – all at the touch of a button and all while preparing breakfast.

As everyone leaves for work, school or to run errands, you press a button labelled away on your wall-mounted touch panel. This action turns off all lights throughout your home, adjusts the temperature to desired degrees, and arms the security system. What a wonderful way to start the day.


Existing homes, Complete automation

We understand that your home is already built and that you could be having some of these item. No need to worry- we can automate your existing pieces of equipment into a complete home automation system including wireless solutions.

ProAV offers the ultimate home automation solution by making the products and systems you already have and use every day, work together. By integrating everything from lighting control, music, home theatre, climate control, security—even iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets—a smart house by PROAV creates personalized experiences that enhance your life and provide added comfort, savings, convenience, and peace of mind.

Start small by automating just your family room or home theatre. Or go big with whole-home automation. Our solutions are built to grow as you go. No matter what the application, the experience is unforgettable and you'll wonder how you ever lived without home automation.

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