ProAV Remote Access

Remote Access

Remote Access


Having your home accessible remotely offers a level of unmatched convenience, comfort and confidence.

While at work, a notification on your smartphone informs you that the kids have arrived home from school. The home is cool and comfortable because an hour before you adjusted the thermostat to desired degrees right from your office.

Logging in to your system for a second time, you take a quick peek around your house to see that the kids are safe and sound. Ah, the joys of PROAV controlled security cameras.

For you, having the ability to remotely access your home from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet or computer is the pinnacle of convenience. And, it helps that the user interface looks just like your home’s touch panels so there is no learning curve.


As morning turns to afternoon, you can feel confident knowing your system is continually monitoring your home to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

While at work, and using your smartphone, you close the drapes on the west side of your home to keep the interior cool or warm based on the season. This also ensures your HVAC system is running at a fraction of normal and that your furnishings are protected from the sun’s damaging rays.

The ViewStat Thermostat is also a key component in managing your home’s energy efficiency and comfort levels. The always current, on-screen five-day weather forecast prepares you for any weather condition and enables you to manage your home’s temperature and energy usage remotely.

For the utmost in carbon footprint management, an automated home can be configured to monitor a wide array of consumables including electricity, natural gas and water. On an annual, monthly, daily or even hourly basis, you are able to isolate energy usage and adjust accordingly by rooms or devices. It is reassuring to know your AMX system is always working to maximize our planet’s natural resources while keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient.