ProAV Security/Intercom




Knowing your home is protected by a myriad of surveillance and security measures is a critical component of a fully integrated home. As you arrive home from work, all you need is your smartphone or tablet to activate a sequence of events. Your entrance gate opens as a lighted path down the driveway welcomes you home. One of your garage doors opens as the security system is disabled.

Meanwhile, your family is in the backyard enjoying time in the pool. As you head upstairs to change, the doorbell rings just as you enter the master suite. No worries, from your bedside touch panel, you access the front door security camera to see that it’s your neighbor. With just a touch you access your Entry Communicator and tell her that you will be down in a moment. She is delivering a batch of her famous double chocolate fudge brownies as a thank you for your recent donation to her favorite charity.

After joining your family at the pool, you reflect on how convenient the surveillance component of your system has been over the years. When you were at work, there was nothing more comforting than receiving the text message letting you know the front door was opened, and that the kids had arrived home safely. There is nothing you would not do for your family.


Keep an Eye on Things
Monitor security cameras in any room, and outside the house, from anywhere.

Tailor your Notifications
Your home will alert you if there’s something you should know.

Who is there?
Use the intercom to speak to someone at the door, gate, or guesthouse and verify identity before allowing access.

Away for Winter
Prevent damage to your home and get notified if there’s water in the basement.